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Nice little page on imagining how some events in history might have been talked about, planned, and presented if MS Office existed in days of yore. A bit of a step up from the Gettysburg Address PowerPoint here … Related Posts: Cinderella PowerPoint Suicide note PowerPoint from The Onion (pretty darn sick!) Gettysburg PowerPoint

It would appear that Mr Scott Adams is a reader of presentation and speaking blogs. Where else could he possibly have got this idea?

A great spoof on the BBC’s Dragon’s Den with our intrepid entrepreneurs making just the slightest of boo-boos in the midst of an otherwise flawless pitch: RSS Readers may need to click through to the post I particularly love the profuse sweating. Saddlebags! For a further treat, you can click on through to this charity […]

Click to enlarge and it is so worth it! Vast and rightful credit to the ingenious Metacub Sometimes PowerPoint is not the answer and sometimes it really, really, is …

A big hat tip to Evelyn and the hairy scary boys in the studio, as I humbly present: An Engineer’s Guide to Cats Why can’t all presentations be this good? Despite the dry, even dead-pan, delivery, the presenters convey lots of potentially valuable information in a very short timeframe, make it easily comprehensible, highly retainable […]

Gawd! I thought my Appalling Presenter Manifesto covered the majority of the horrors out there, but it seems I barely scratched the surface. This is just hilarious: [RSS Readers may need to click through to the post to see the video] H/T: Public Speaking for Geeks [for which title alone they deserve a visit]

On this, the 20th anniversary of the release of PowerPoint, I thought I would share a tool I have been using for many years now with you all. As a modern dad, writer, blogger and lecturer, I regularly treat my daughters to a full-blown multimedia bedtime story. Books? Pish-tosh! We’re a DIGITAL house! Unfortunately, Slideshare […]