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Guy Kawasaki turned 53 a couple of weeks ago. A mere babe in arms. For God’s sake, I have a brother older than that! Nevertheless, our Guy became somewhat contemplative following an incident with a cute blonde and a drink and started pondering. His post inspired some of the tightest, smartest comments I have seen […]

The majority of material I read on presenting with software stresses the importance of deciding what your point (or intention) is and using the software to the hilt to get that point across. Why do so few presenters do this? Why do the vast majority of presentations just suuuuuuck? I’ve been doing a lot of […]

Most presenters set up their laptop and projector and then leave their title slide burning itself onto the retinas of the audience while the room fills up. I leave this presentation running while the auditorium is filling or during breaks. It’s a timed piece, with each slide onscreen for 3-4 seconds. My collection has grown […]