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I was invited to give a deepdive talk on presentation skills at Dotconf 2011 here in Dublin. The deepdive format is great – you give two 30 minute talks to two different audiences and based on the assumption that people know the basics of the topic – hence deepdiving. I drilled in on a number […]

“Enlighten us, but make it quick” 5 minutes, 20 slides, auto-advancing every 15 seconds – I love Ignite; so I was delighted to be invited to speak at Ignite Dublin a few weeks ago. RSS readers may need to click through to the post I was mortified to be the only speaker who over-ran his […]

I wonder if the guys and gals of Forethought Inc ever thought their app for helping visualise complex statistical data (imaginatively entitled ‘Presenter’) would be used as widely as it is now, 25 years later? I was asked to deliver a PowerPoint presentation to celebrate the 25th birthday of the inception of PowerPoint. So, there […]

I was watching Nancy Duarte’s excellent advice on how to deliver an effective remote presentation, and I was particularly struck by her illustration of one of her points – mapping out your presentation: Even if you are presenting nothing more exciting than the management accounts or the debtor’s ledger, your presentation has a rhythm. It […]

There are lots of sites and blogs which point out the foibles and follies of SlideWare, indeed I’ve done it here myself a number of times. Inevitably, there is a spectrum among these sites – some are good, some are very good and some are not good at all. I came across two slide makeovers […]

The age-old question. Well, it’s not the knowledge level of the presenter. We’ve all been bored to tears by subject matter experts who could probably be cited for breaches of the Geneva Conventions, so awful are their presentations. It’s not shiny slides. Great graphic design doth not a great presentation make. It’s not a fluent, […]

I joined Wayne Turmel for a rant about presentation skills. In the past, the storytellers were revered by the tribe, why have we lost that skill to such an extent in the modern workplace? Wayne dedicated the show to Ogmios, the Gaulish deity – typically depicted as a bald old man leading what looks like […]

About a year ago, I SlideShared some simple guidelines on how to create more effective slides using a primarily visual approach. This has proved to be a popular slideshow, with over 33,000 views and 59 embeds in blogs around the ‘sphere. The piece is part of a much larger, 2-day seminar on presentation skills and, […]

I have been enjoying Frank Luntz’s excellent book Words That Work. His subtitle for the book is: It’s not what you say, it’s what people hear. Which immediately begged the question in my mind – “What if they are not listening at all?” This is a particular problem in a presentation setting. With so many […]

I’ve been polling audiences and clients for many years now about their views on presentations. Unsurprisingly, the majority of them can only point to a handful of great teachers, lecturers, presenters or speakers that they have encountered in a lifetime. In this arena, as in every other, the bell curve rules. Okay then, I ask, […]