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I joined Wayne Turmel for a rant about presentation skills. In the past, the storytellers were revered by the tribe, why have we lost that skill to such an extent in the modern workplace? Wayne dedicated the show to Ogmios, the Gaulish deity – typically depicted as a bald old man leading what looks like […]


Superb little stand-alone presentation – superb content, great delivery. The website is here. RSS Readers may need to click through to the post

I just found this via Graham Linehan’s wondrous blog and it blew me away. 5 seconds in, I was thinking, “What’s the big deal? This is just another ho-hum, Mario style game.” Expect the unexpected? Watch and learn …

If you’re not a regular reader of Nicholas Bate, you should be. He guest lectures on the Warwick University MBA programme and travels the world inspiring audiences with his talks. He blogs – prodigiously, pithily and provokingly. He publishes succinct and immediately applicable-in-your-life books – and he does this at a rate that upsets me […]

I’m an SOB! (Well I’ve always thought so anyway) Liz who-is-so-productive-she-has-obviously-cloned-herself-at-least-twice Strauss made me an SOB – and I didn’t notice! Thanks a bunch Technorati. There I am, in May of this year no less, but did “the recognized authority on what’s happening on the World Live Web, right now” notice the link from one […]

You may notice that there’s something different about me today. A Blog Awards ceremony … A moment on a couch … A cup of tea (me) a gin and tonic (she) … And I gleefully succumbed to her wry charms … And I got a badge! If your day could benefit from beautiful, thoughtful prose; […]

Declan Chellar – he of the Macaroon eyes and the wonderful cartoons – tagged me with a lovely meme. What makes you feel like a blissed-out six year-old again? I have never had any difficulty in staying in touch with my inner child, as Mr Hicks would say, my problem is more about staying in […]

Nice piece on Wired spelling out the ABCs of effective presentation. Sometimes, we can get mired down in all the detail of this topic, the Wired folks are sticking to the fundamentals here. Despite the teaching-granny-to-suck-eggs simplicity of the piece, they have a point – who would have thought, a decade ago, that Mr Stiff-and-Awkward […]

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – Declan Chellar is an evil, twisted genius. His thought on how to deal with illegal job interview questions about having babies is just jaw-dropping. You can find it at the bottom of this post. Then he retreats into his secret lair and comes up with […]

A singular honour and pleasure today to receive an email from G.L. Hoffman of What Would Dad Say? fame. Enclosed was a shiny new charter member Dig Your Job badge. Now, as regular readers may have gathered, I have always tried to live up to Mel Brooks’ immortal “We doan need no steenkeeng badges!” philosophy […]