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Academic Earth. Lectures from the brightest and best academics out there on a broad range of topics. Stunning stuff, can’t recommend it highly enough. Click on the pic … H/T: Mark C.

… and this is what he’s done in his first 85 days on the job. Great post, a must-read. Then we need to make a collective, blogwide effort to find out who E is so that we may set the hounds of hell upon him. Jealous? Me? Nooooooooo!

As you might expect, I read a lot of HR, World-of-Work and Career-related material. The content of that material hasn’t changed much in the past months, but I have noticed a certain, “See? I told you!” tonality creeping into the writing of many of my favourite journalists and bloggers. And they are right. Anyone who […]

Olivia Mitchell over at Speaking About Presenting asked me to contribute to a group writing project on what’s going to happen (or more likely what we’d all like to happen and what should happen) with PowerPoint usage in the coming year. She’s had some great contributions thus far and I’m delighted to throw my $0.02 […]

Lisa Braithwaite has a doozy of a post over at Speak Schmeak about a client who came to a startlingly simple realisation: My client has spent the last fifteen years creating a paralyzing fear of public speaking in her mind. Yesterday she said to me, “I wish someone had just said along the way ‘Suck […]

Mr Godin, all-round good egg and noticer-in-chief has a superb post today. In a job interview, should you be reactive or should you “put on a show?” Given that job interviews are largely predictable, it seems to me that it would be foolish in the extreme to not work up some strong thoughts and answers […]

Cutural Offering has a list of things you should teach your children – just marvellous.

Someone needs to take me aside and explain Facebook to me. I meet enthusiastic users of Facebook all the time who wax lyrical in their description of how connected they feel to their extended circles of online friends but … nope, don’t get it. Now Skype I get. On a Skype call I can hear […]

“Now, sitting comfortably pet? Safely strapped in? Let’s just review your progress shall we? What was your objective again?” “Dada.” “That’s right my angel – walking. Now do you remember what we said about goals?”“Dada!” “That’s right! Specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timely. SMART goals!”“Dada, dada, dada!” “No pet – we’ll get to employee engagement […]

Nicholas Bate is writing a wonderful series of 100 posts on the Fab Four. I can’t wait for the book. In the meantime, my big Beatles memories: I was born in 1964, with a sister 8 years older than me and a brother 11 years older. Both Beatles nuts (plus Clapton, Rory Gallagher and Flamenco […]