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I re-read the Jobs biography over the new year. This remark in particular struck a chord with me: “That was my worst and stupidest staging mistake of my life. It was bad because it made me look small, and Apple look small, and as if everything was in Bill’s hands.” Couple of things … 1. “Staging”? Yes. […]

Part two of a post that’s intended to give you some insight into the effort that is needed in advance of TEDxDublin and also perhaps, to help you if you would ever like to give a TEDx or prepare for another major speaking event. [Part 1 is here] Visuals Most of our speakers this year […]

So we did another TEDxDublin – another big one. On September 14th 2013, the Bord Gais Energy Theatre (doesn’t that piece of corporate titling just trip off the tongue?) was filled to its 2,000+ capacity to see 12 amazing speakers and a selection of TED videos. Six hours of ideas worth sharing. This post is […]

 “On your feet – selling your great idea” This will be a deepdive into the world of pitching, peddling and presenting your idea, yourself and your company to the world at large. Lots of attendees at the Dotconf have a great idea and all the enthusiasm in the world – but their idea doesn’t take […]

I have attended a number of conferences, lectures and talks in the past two weeks and I’ve just reviewed my notes on the elements that irritated my eyes and ears in them. In no particular order, I’ve highlighted the problem first (with my thoughts in brackets): Speaking too fast (Trying to cram in too much, […]

I wonder if the guys and gals of Forethought Inc ever thought their app for helping visualise complex statistical data (imaginatively entitled ‘Presenter’) would be used as widely as it is now, 25 years later? I was asked to deliver a PowerPoint presentation to celebrate the 25th birthday of the inception of PowerPoint. So, there […]

The age-old question. Well, it’s not the knowledge level of the presenter. We’ve all been bored to tears by subject matter experts who could probably be cited for breaches of the Geneva Conventions, so awful are their presentations. It’s not shiny slides. Great graphic design doth not a great presentation make. It’s not a fluent, […]

The Prime Minister of Ireland conducted a swansong visit to the United States this week and was granted the honour of addressing a joint session of Congress. I was asked to come on Ireland’s national broadcaster to talk about public speaking in advance of Mr Ahern’s address. Fortunately, this wasn’t a political show – rather […]

I’ve been polling audiences and clients for many years now about their views on presentations. Unsurprisingly, the majority of them can only point to a handful of great teachers, lecturers, presenters or speakers that they have encountered in a lifetime. In this arena, as in every other, the bell curve rules. Okay then, I ask, […]