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I’m sure you’ve seen the vid from CES and it really it a cringius maximus moment. And yes, it does offer us a salutary example of the power of rehearsal and also of demonstrating professionalism in everything you do. But I think that misses the real point. Just in case you’ve been living under a […]

Oh. My. God. RSS Readers may need to click through to the post I don’t wish to be churlish here, but it’s hard not to notice that practically ALL of Ms Sequoia’s slides consist entirely of bullet points. So even that element of possible respect and concern for her audience was left by the wayside. […]

An hilarious, and eerily familiar, description of a tech failure by Sabrina, who was presenting at the FOWD (Future Of Web Design) conference in London. I can’t do it justice, just click on the pic and head on over. By the way, when you are there, do have a rummage around, Sabrina’s blog is the […]

The comedian Al Franken performs his party piece at a fundraiser. Al can draw the United States of America, state by state, freehand. It’s one of those fairly pointless man things – “Hey look what I can do!” – but when you’re running for the Senate, it’s a slightly more concrete demonstration of how much […]