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You’ve seen the problem a thousand times – a presenter who has obviously given some thought to their talk, and who has attempted to make it visual, but who is falling short because they are using too many small, lo-res images. How do you find the bigger image when you are time-starved? I’ve written before […]

I was asked to conduct a deepdive at the Dotconf this week on this topic. What if you get an unexpected opportunity to make an important presentation? A slot at a big conference? Some major investors roll into town and someone in your network gets you 30 minutes with them? You’re asked to demo your […]

I don’t know who Learn Liberty are – I’m guessing they are a fairly typical right-leaning American think-tank, which makes the scruffy bearded academic type they’ve put here as their spokesman an ‘interesting’ move. I’m actually less concerned here with message, or even with the veracity of the numbers being used, than I am with […]

This one is from a few years back – a lecturer in a teacher training college asked us to look at his presentations following some very direct feedback from the student body. It was standard, soporific, headlines-and-bullet-points stuff, guaranteed to render any audience unconscious in minutes. A sample: Pretty awful, but nothing we haven’t all […]

Oh my god. Deb Roy receives a standing ovation at TED 2011 for an astounding presentation. He starts with the personal – the extraordinarily personal – and then zooms out to show the same tools analysing the wider world before coming back to a stunning finish that any parent in the room will just beam […]

I love Dr. Fred Menger’s great line – “If you torture data sufficiently, it will confess to almost anything.” David McCandless is a wonderfully subversive Data Miner – subversive in that he regularly uses his infographics to point out the absurdity of much of the ‘data’ reported in the media. He spoke at TED Global […]

More of this material here Early poster design work from Buckled Cranium – a young Irish film company [disclosure: BC is run by my beloved godson Luke] Really, really nice use of typography.

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I loved Laura Bergell’s response to the oh-so common request: “Great presentation! Can I have a copy of your slides?” Laura’s answer is: “My PowerPoint slides are my props. They’re not my presentation.” I get asked for my slides every now and then. Usually the asker says they want to use them to persuade people […]

Remember Lynne Truss’ Eat, Shoots & Leaves? A book much admired by curmudgeonly, grammar-loving anal retentives everywhere. It sold hundreds of thousands of copies. A grammar book – albeit a very funny grammar book – selling like Dr Phil’s latest offering? Apparently Ms Truss’ book sparked hordes of people carrying thick markers crossing out redundant […]