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Ric Elias was in seat 1D on US Airways flight 1549. Five magnificently expressed minutes. RSS Readers will need to click through to the post – it’s a TED thing, sorry.

Oh my god. Deb Roy receives a standing ovation at TED 2011 for an astounding presentation. He starts with the personal – the extraordinarily personal – and then zooms out to show the same tools analysing the wider world before coming back to a stunning finish that any parent in the room will just beam […]

I was invited to Ignite Dublin #6 a few weeks ago and decided to do my PowerPoint-enhanced version of Cinderella.  A lovely response from the audience and very kind tweets and links from Nancy Duarte, Guy Kawasaki, Linda Johannesson and many others to the video. The judicious application of bullet points and animations can enhance […]

Graham Norton’s show on the BBC is usually worth a look-see, as he has a knack for getting his guests to chill out and tell a good ribald tale. No sign of Sad Keanu here – a tight little story, very well told. I’m not sure why this tickled me so much, but it did: […]

Your PowerPoint is not crap – you are. Your audience is not asleep because of boring data or crappy PowerPoint – they are asleep because you decided that there was something more important than producing an interesting, relevant, engaging presentation for your audience. They are asleep because you decided that all the rehearsal you needed […]

I suspect this splendidly passionate and articulate fellow may have read one or two of Mr Atkinson’s books. Either that, or he is a scarily natural orator. RSS Readers may need to click through to the post Background: Our young friend here is talking about the London Metropolitan Police “kettling” thousands of young teenaged protestors […]

The inimitable and always-excellent Dr R is back, this time at TEDx Change from a few weeks back … 1. Look at how masterful he is at the very outset as he lays out the 8 criteria for success and then his almost poetic summary of that. Learning point: he has his material down cold. […]

The old saw about not comparing your inside to other people’s outside became an old saw because it is TRUE!  I have been closely observing presenters since the late 1980s, professionally since the early 1990s.  I would make the following observations: If they’re not keyed-up, they are almost always poor-to-dreadful. Keyed-up is not the same […]

Always a breath of fresh air, Prof Rosling outdoes himself with this talk: RSS Readers may need to click through to the post – it’s a TED thing, sorry.

The words you say. The tone you say them in. The larger non-verbal cues you use to put them across. We can all agree that all three of these elements are important in the communication of your message in a negotiation, a job interview or in delivering a presentation. But can you do a neat […]