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We’ve all seen the classical attention-over-time graph demonstrating the importance of Primacy (what you say first) and Recency (what you say last) in any lecture, speech or presentation. The opening moment is when you have the greatest chance to catch and hold people’s attention – even if you are talking to a group of people who […]

I’m sure you’ve seen the vid from CES and it really it a cringius maximus moment. And yes, it does offer us a salutary example of the power of rehearsal and also of demonstrating professionalism in everything you do. But I think that misses the real point. Just in case you’ve been living under a […]

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I re-read the Jobs biography over the new year. This remark in particular struck a chord with me: “That was my worst and stupidest staging mistake of my life. It was bad because it made me look small, and Apple look small, and as if everything was in Bill’s hands.” Couple of things … 1. “Staging”? Yes. […]

I have attended a number of conferences, lectures and talks in the past two weeks and I’ve just reviewed my notes on the elements that irritated my eyes and ears in them. In no particular order, I’ve highlighted the problem first (with my thoughts in brackets): Speaking too fast (Trying to cram in too much, […]

From the TEDxSummit in April 2012. Strong setup of the big-big screen for slides/vids and the speaker up on screen beside it. Really good use of PowerPoint by Rives, with great callouts and nice big fonts on his screen captures. Well-interspersed flat images, text, and moving images, lots for the eye to enjoy. He very […]

I was asked to conduct a deepdive at the Dotconf this week on this topic. What if you get an unexpected opportunity to make an important presentation? A slot at a big conference? Some major investors roll into town and someone in your network gets you 30 minutes with them? You’re asked to demo your […]

I am still amazed every time I see a speaker, who obviously delivers presentations on a regular basis, standing up without a remote in their hand. I’ve written about this before I’ll do a post shortly on the reasons why you MUST HAVE one of these little gizmos; but for now let’s look at the models […]

Mikko Hypponen presented at TED Global in Edinburgh last week. I’ve long been a fan of Mikko’s due to an involvement in the Infosec space some years ago and follow him on Twitter. so when I saw him mention that he had locked his slides for TED: I retweeted it with some amusement, wondering what […]

I was invited to give a deepdive talk on presentation skills at Dotconf 2011 here in Dublin. The deepdive format is great – you give two 30 minute talks to two different audiences and based on the assumption that people know the basics of the topic – hence deepdiving. I drilled in on a number […]

The always-extraordinary Marco Tempest from this year’s TEDx Tokyo. Watch it once and enjoy it. Magic Projection Live @ TEDxTokyo 2010 from Marco Tempest on Vimeo. RSS Readers may need to click through to the post Now watch it again and pay attention to how fluidly Marco interacts with the film. Think about how much […]