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I’m sure you’ve seen the vid from CES and it really it a cringius maximus moment. And yes, it does offer us a salutary example of the power of rehearsal and also of demonstrating professionalism in everything you do. But I think that misses the real point. Just in case you’ve been living under a […]

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I re-read the Jobs biography over the new year. This remark in particular struck a chord with me: “That was my worst and stupidest staging mistake of my life. It was bad because it made me look small, and Apple look small, and as if everything was in Bill’s hands.” Couple of things … 1. “Staging”? Yes. […]

I have attended a number of conferences, lectures and talks in the past two weeks and I’ve just reviewed my notes on the elements that irritated my eyes and ears in them. In no particular order, I’ve highlighted the problem first (with my thoughts in brackets): Speaking too fast (Trying to cram in too much, […]

There are films and there are turkeys and there are movie reviews and there are live, unanaesthesised eviscerations: RSS Readers may need to click through to the post That movie reviewer sure do talk purty – and fast! This whole piece reminds me of my beloved Opus, when he was the movie reviewer for the […]

Have you ever gone to a play or a musical and heard the dreaded announcement before the curtain goes up? “For this evening’s performance, the role of the role of XXXXX will be played by (insert never-heard-of-them understudy name here).” And you only came to the play because Denzel Washington, or Patrick Stewart or Dame […]

Alisa Miller with a superb four minutes on what is wrong with the news we see, hear and read every day. RSS Readers may need to click through to the post – it’s a TED thing Great use of simple comparative graphics and statistics. A real treat. Related posts:No news is the norm

From Marketing Magazine. [I was sitting with the editor of Marketing one evening some years back watching the news and, when one on the reporters did his usual sign-off, what can I say? The rant just started flowing … Mister Editor was in part amused and in part appalled, but nevertheless asked me to capture […]

Gawd! I thought my Appalling Presenter Manifesto covered the majority of the horrors out there, but it seems I barely scratched the surface. This is just hilarious: [RSS Readers may need to click through to the post to see the video] H/T: Public Speaking for Geeks [for which title alone they deserve a visit]

[Click to enlarge – trust me, it’s worth it!] I saw this A4 poster in my local post office a while back. Black and white [the colour is due to my pixellating the contact details], badly photocopied, a little askew on the wall and held up with four large blobs of Blu-Tak. With a mobile […]

It’s commencement season again. Katie Couric has been showing clips of commencement addresses all week on the CBS news. With my presentation skills hat on, I would note that of the clips Katie showed: Most of the speeches were really badly delivered. 3X5 cards prevailed. I saw the tops of lots of speakers heads. Tone […]