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The Irish Examiner on the challenges of finding balance once children come along. Extracts: Having a workplace creche like Cois Laoi at UCC means you spend more time with your children and it’s comforting to know they’re only minutes away. BRINGING THE BABY IN WITH THE BRIEFCASE Parents are struggling with the work/life balance. So […]

The wise men of the Dakota Indians reckoned that the optimal approach when you discover that you are riding a dead horse, is to dismount. Phshaw! How unimaginative! I stumbled across some much better ideas and combined them with another raft of wisdom from a recent email: Invest in far more powerful whips. Change riders […]

More cheerful discussion on surviving in recessionary times. Imagine this – the management team have locked themselves away in the bunker boardroom to discuss cost savings, including the inevitable headcount reduction, following five consecutive loss-making months. Here’s the key question: what is going to make your boss fight to the death to keep you? Can […]

From the Sunday Times: BEWARE THE ACCIDENTAL MANAGER People are still being promoted beyond their abilities, 40 years after a book highlighted the problem, writes John Cradden It’s hard to view the Zune as anything other than a product of Pointy-Haired-Boss thinking. The timing is probably a coincidence, but it’s remarkable all the same. Just […]

To suck up or not? What is sucking up? Where is the line between good corporate citizen and unashamed ass-kisser? I had some fun with Tom Dunne [who is forced to share a bed with George the tiger teddy cat] on Newstalk radio on this topic, poring over this subject in our usual high-brow, academically […]

A disturbing problem here – you return to work after a short period of illness, hand over your doctor’s note to HR and, some time later that day, your boss calls you into her office and asks you to provide information about your illness. Your doctor has written “I hereby certify that Your Name is […]

“When I’m calling you, ooh ooh ooh, ooh ooh ooh …” On numerous occasions I have been called in to deal with low morale, high staff turnover, or jarring relationships in a workplace to discover that, at the root, there is one seriously unpleasant human being. And then, reporting back to senior management, I sometimes […]

Talking to a client this week and he said that his retirement plan was, “They’ll have to shoot me off my horse.” Nice phrase – he reckoned it was a John Wayne line. Whether it’s a good retirement plan or not is up to your worldview I guess. I immediately thought of Sting’s line from […]

The Irish Examiner looking at some of the tough ways to earn a crust. Extracts: Hauling king crab and teaching Pythagoras – equally dangerous? THE JOBS WE LOVE TO HATE Ailin Quinlan says whether you’re a nurse, Garda, teacher or even work on an IT help desk, your job is a daily battle against danger […]

We’ve all heard of ‘sick building syndrome,’ but now it seems that the problem may be more widespread than we thought. Research out of Queensland University of Technology indicates that packing employees into crowded, noisy, open-plan environments … [drum roll] makes them sick. Okay, not exactly jaw-dropping stuff, but Dr Vinesh Oommen, who conducted the […]