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Good fun this morning chatting on Newstalk FM about the dos and don’ts of the Office Xmas Party – for many people, a dreaded event. From what we hear anecdotally, only a small proportion of people truly enjoy the office night out. For many, it is a fear-inducing event that can be made easier only by […]

The Boomerang Life – moving back in with your parents. “You can’t have someone back for noisy and enthusiastic sex if your mum is in the next room,” said Manahan. Full article is here.

A noisy back and forth on the Working Life slot with Mr Tubs on the topic of career fairs (the Career Zoo had just happened in Dublin) plus a good chat on how to approach this oh-so strange marketplace.  We dealt with some listener queries and in particular with a letter from “D” who is […]

There’s little love lost between ‘spoilt’ Celtic Tiger cubs and baby-boomer bosses, writes Gabrielle Monaghan … Bill Cullen, the businessman who starred in The Apprentice on TV3 described this generation as lazy and mollycoddled … … Rowan Manahan, the MD of Fortify Services, a human resources firm, comes across this supposition from older generations all […]

When people think of yes men, they tend to think of spineless lackeys who bow, scrape and bob their heads at anything their boss says. I came across a particularly chilling quote from Hermann Goering at the Nuremberg trials: “… alles was er um ihn hatte, waren ja Männer, alle keine Männer waren sechs Fuß […]

 Image: the wonderful A client phoned me to tell me she was going back out to the market. I was surprised, given that she had been with her new company, in a senior position, for less than four months. [She works in the funds industry and had moved her family to mainland Europe to […]

From the Sunday Times: TOUGH TIMES ARE A BOON FOR BULLIES The pressures of the recession are contributing to a rise in workplace harassment – by Gabrielle Monaghan Nelson Muntz – funny in The Simpsons, awful in real life. In the recession-hit workplace – where managers are under pressure to cut costs and staff are […]

Last weekend, I kicked back and read two books cover to cover. It was a bank holiday weekend and I was going to be taking some time off this week anyway, but She-Who-Must-Be-Obeyed didn’t seem to be too impressed that I was chilling out to the level that I was. When I go home tonight, […]

Great talk here from Dan Pink with an interesting (although I did find it a bit distracting after a while) presentation style behind it. RSS readers may need to click through to the post Dr. Dan Ariely picked up on the same research for his book The Upside of Irrationality and added this lovely zinger […]

I suspect that provision of childcare facilities within workplaces is going to be a growth area for the next few years. Whether both partners want to have fulfilling careers or not, dual income families are going to be an economic necessity for the majority of families in perpetuity, so any employer who can offer the […]