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I have talked many times about getting a visual sense of how your week is stacking up, so that you can start clawing back some time here and there; but this is just stunning!You can find the full image here.

Too many relationships, too little time. Family, extended family, friends, acquaintances, current colleagues, old colleagues – with each passing year you accumulate more people in your life. It is only natural that some ‘filtration’ of all of these people occurs as you proceed in life; but an unconscious or passive filtration process is frequently insufficient. […]

Jo is a lawyer. She’s in her mid-30s, married with two kids, a rising star in her firm with partnership in her future. Jo is a busy, busy woman. I was dealing with Jo a while ago with relation to a minor issue in her workplace and it came up that she was feeling that […]

A question from a reader: Rowan, any thoughts on juggling study while working full-time? I’m doing an evening course and I’m getting zero support from my employers, probably because the course is in an area that is not directly related to my current job. I’ve been finding that I’m getting little or no leeway when […]