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Don’t go over your time. Ever. Except, maybe, if they give you a standing ovation and refuse to leave the theatre, chanting “More more more!” But in a business environment? A meeting? A presentation? No. If you’re the senior person in the room, you are being an asshole and setting a bad example for your […]

From the Irish Independent: HOW TO BE HAPPY By Sue Leonard Photo credit: The wonderful netsrot Life can sometimes feel like one huge stress. With long commutes, frantic working hours, and family commitments to squeeze in, it’s tough to even think about our mental well-being. Realising this, the thinktank Foresight asked a team of scientists […]

More to the point, what is healthy? I have referenced my grandmother’s take on the hustle and bustle of the modern working world before. She used to talk of a gentler time, when people properly valued and savoured their leisure. A time when people would outsource whatever mundane household tasks they could afford. Apparently, it […]

Long-time sufferers readers will be familiar with my ongoing tilting-at-windmills rant about slowing things down, and breathing ionised air, and just being every now and then. The feeding frenzy is dependent upon hurrying. As long as people are in a hurry, they’re not taking the time to think and if they’re not thinking, you can […]

The obligatory sleeping cat photo When my children were babies, I really gained an understanding of what the word “tired” means. After 3-4 nights of broken sleep, I lost physical coordination, my brain would wander off mid-sentence, and I would find myself staring into the middle distance – a lot. My older daughter had colic […]

We have now reached just over 400 online subscribers and close to the same number receiving Fortify Your Oasis by email (plus, coincidentally, the same number of incoming links from other sites since all this blogginess started – thank you everyone who has noticed and linked and especially to all those who have commented). Add […]

See this nifty little image? It’s also over there on the sidebar of my blog. You’ll see it all over the interwebs these days. It’s a subscribe-to-an-RSS-feed button. Now, when I was growing up the word “subscribe” had bad, and usually expensive, connotations – that subscription to The Reader’s Digest or National Geographic that you […]

A lovely post by Russell Davies this week on the subject of church architecture brought to mind two things. The first was a little church I visited last year in the walled medieval town of Brouage in western France. The town is beautifully built and very pretty with lovely old cobbled streets, reflecting its importance […]

Victorian postbox, Glasthule, Co. Dublin, Ireland My grandmother was born when Queen Victoria was on the throne in England and postboxes in Ireland were still painted red.When I was a child, she had one piece of advice that used to drive me crazy. “There there darling,” she would coo. “In a hundred years, it won’t […]

“Lunch is for wimps” It’s very easy to cave in to a culture where everyone is expected to contribute 20, 30 or even 50 percent more hours than they are paid for. I haven’t yet encountered an established company where anyone but the owners were happy to do this. But people just seem to shrug […]