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While reading up for a post about the wilful ignorance endemic in “the young people today,” I came across a reference to a book called Just How Stupid Are We?: Facing the Truth About the American Voter by Rick Shenkman. Deee-pressing: Only 2 in 5 voters can name the three branches of the federal government. […]

Long-time sufferers readers will be familiar with my ongoing tilting-at-windmills rant about slowing things down, and breathing ionised air, and just being every now and then. The feeding frenzy is dependent upon hurrying. As long as people are in a hurry, they’re not taking the time to think and if they’re not thinking, you can […]

I do not feel obliged to believe that the same Lord who has endowed us with sense, reason and intellect has intended us to forego their use. (Galileo Galilei) As I watch my digital native children swarming over their Nintendo DS and Wii machines, without any recourse to the instruction manuals, I feel so very […]

From Marketing Magazine. [I was sitting with the editor of Marketing one evening some years back watching the news and, when one on the reporters did his usual sign-off, what can I say? The rant just started flowing … Mister Editor was in part amused and in part appalled, but nevertheless asked me to capture […]

Sooo sick of budget airlines … [RSS readers my need to click through to the post to see the video]

So I’ve been with O2 here in Ireland for yonks and yonks [I even got a cool number from one of their techs when we did some work for Esat way back when] and I love my Sony Ericsson phone. Love it. And I said loudly and clearly that I’m not going to be an […]

Sorry for the silence – problems with Blogger. By way of compensation, may I present to you the Microsoft WSYP (We Share Your Pain) programme. If only, if only. [Incidentally, please ensure that you do not have drinks in your mouth as you watch this. You have been warned. No claims for laundry or dry […]

I was asked to comment on a discussion on Today FM about the results of a UK survey on attitudes in the workplace to working mothers. It made, as ever, for depressing reading. Myself and the ever-excellent Sarah Carey bashed the topic back and forth for a while on air and, inevitably, I ended up […]

A big gold star to The Great Nobby for spotting the ironic typo in my rant about clueless, sub-literate, young job applicants. [Ironic? Yes – sweet, delicious, suckulent irony.] Thanks also to the correspondent who added two other very commonly occurring spelling errors to the list: Lose – LooseBreak – Brake I’d just like to […]

[Apologies if this is so off-topic as to be of no interest to you kind reader. My excuse is that the wall-to-wall coverage of so called celebrity ‘news’ in recent years has so dulled my critical faculties that I can’t tell if this post is on-topic or not.] YES! Yes, yes yes yes yes yes […]