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“In this world, a person who won’t read has no advantage over one who can’t read.” I was conducting a practice interview with a 23 year old postgraduate client. Interspersed with competency questions, I asked him about himself, I asked him about the unique qualities he would bring to the job and I asked him […]

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  … and living in Ireland. I contributed to this article in the Irish Independent on the topic this week. Tooth-grinding stuff. Yes, we have come a long way since the caves, but neanderthals are still in our midst.  

I had forgotten this amazing piece from Joseph O’Connor on the topic of being inordinately fond of the word “like” RSS readers may need to click through to the post Big hat-tip to Matto for reminding me of this one – it really, like, brightened up, like, my day? Ya know?

Loose / Lose  It would appear that there is a gargantuan, international conspiracy afoot, a conspiracy pursuing, with ruthless efficiency, the goal of causing a major blood vessel in my head to EXPLODE! Some examples of my latest bugbear, randomly grabbed from Twitter [emphasis mine]: jobrosupdates_n Joe admitted he was the first of his 3 […]

Apprentice wannabe Lorraine Tighe is caught LYING on her CV (The Sun) What do these people think they are doing? I have long since stopped following The Apprentice in all its forms, because it is as unrealistic, staged and pointless as Big Brother and the candidates are screened to produce good television rather than be […]

From both sides of the Atlantic, I am hearing financial institutions, who have run their businesses into the ground, complaining about proposed restrictions being applied to their remuneration. “So let me get this straight. You’ve killed your business?” “Well I think it would be fairer to say that market conditions became very hostile and frankly […]

Spam is listed on my “Likes Loves Hates” presentations as the one thing I categorically hate. And now, it seems, I’m one of them … I got a ‘please confirm me’ from a trusted client on [no link for these smug little bassas]. Because of who he was, I didn’t go to their homepage […]

You cannot make this stuff up. Three employees of the Mysterious & Inscrutable Colonel were suspended on Tuesday for using company property in a way not prescribed, recommended or approved by the Sacred 3-Ring Binder and then being brave / stupid enough to post their hilarious photographs up on a social networking site. Just to […]

Oh thank God it’s not just me! RSS Readers may need to click through to the post I hear them every day. Candidate after candidate, sounding like uncertain, idiotic, repetitive morons: “My greatest strength? Well, you know, I would have to say that, like, my greatest strength is my communications skills? And, like, it’s been […]

Damp Squid (The English language laid bare) is going to make for interesting reading. Its author, Jeremy Butterfield has used the Oxford Corpus database to compile this latest look at the use and abuse of the language of Shakespeare, Yeats and Dan Brown. I read his “Top ten most irritating phrases in the English language […]