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Maria Sharapova. Fred Astaire. Tiger Woods. Laurence Olivier. These people represent the pinnacle of their professions and they all embody the value of continuous, focused, practice. Neurological research is now uncovering that physiological changes occur in the brain and the nervous system as a result of repeated practice of physical exercises. The coaches of old, […]

The world has become a much smaller place. Population densities in urban areas are reaching levels thought impossible in the past and are bringing people of diverse backgrounds, belief systems and education into closer proximity than ever before. This incident, related to me by a colleague from the medical field really struck a chord with […]

Confidence is one of those intangible qualities – like courage – but if it could be measured across a population, I’m sure it would come out, as so many other things in life do, on a bell curve. A small percentage of hugely confident people over to the right, a small percentage of shrinking-violet, nervous […]

In the West, if you join a martial arts school, it’s a big deal when you get your black belt. The rigorous training is demanding on every level; the dropout rate is enormous and, in a traditional school, very few people filter up through the system and pass their black belt exam. In Japan, the […]

Many years ago, I met an interesting fellow on a flight to the US; we were sitting across the aisle from each other up in the bubble of a 747 heading into Atlanta. At the time, I was working for a pharmaceutical company and he was working for a well-known brown fizzy drinks company. The […]

I wrote about the confidence/certainty mix in Where’s My Oasis using this analogy: Why does a fit, strong, aggressive, young man who has no martial arts training (‘Young Grasshopper’) lose when he faces an old Master? What has the Master learnt as a result of all of his training? He can’t turn back time, or […]

“The greatest success is confidence.” (Ralph Waldo Emerson) I was recently asked about confidence and the origins of people’s confidence. Why do some people have it? Why do some people who should have it (strong academic track record, high achiever, physically attractive, etc.) lack it? Why do some people who apparently have no right to […]

That was the maxim I was taught on my first sales training course. “You have two eyes, two ears and one mouth – use ’em in proportion.” It sounds like a Carnegie line, and it’s a doozy. My mother recounted an anecdote the other day about having to take my brother, at great expense, to […]