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“In this world, a person who won’t read has no advantage over one who can’t read.” I was conducting a practice interview with a 23 year old postgraduate client. Interspersed with competency questions, I asked him about himself, I asked him about the unique qualities he would bring to the job and I asked him […]

Learning is what most adults will do for a living in the 21st century (Lewis Perelman) Very true and, to many people, very distressing. I see a lot of faces fall when I tell clients that they have to become meaningfully computer literate, that they need to gain a further skill to ease their transition […]

At a recent job-hunting seminar, I asked the audience if they had ever mastered anything. 100 people in the room. No raised hands. “Nothing? No-one?” I asked. I then went on to admit that, gigantic nerd as I am, I had mastered the Rubik Cube in the early 1980s and that back then, I could […]

Being assertive. Standing your ground. Sticking up for yourself. Not letting people walk all over you. Standing up for your rights … 60 years on from its adoption by the UN General Assembly, this is a more important document than ever. I loved this representation of it: RSS Readers may need to click through to […]

An interesting chat On The QT on the topic of assertiveness – what it is, why it’s so rare, and some of the benefits that accrue to those who learn to use this model of communication. In a nutshell, we have 4 recognisable modes: Passive – “Feel free to trample all over me.” Aggressive – […]

This is Evelyn Glennie, who lost almost all of her hearing at the age of 12, talking about how to really hear and experience music and how she changed the minds of the pooh-bahs in the Royal Academy of Music in London. Watch. Listen. Really listen to her, because she’s talking about much more than […]

My wife gave me golf lessons for my birthday just before our first daughter was born and all of our friends reacted that same way: “Are you mad? You know what Rowan is like when he gets into something! You’d better pray he doesn’t get bitten by the bug, because a long, lonely life as […]

“I swear, they’ll hand an MBA to just anyone these days. I saw Mr Potato Head strutting around like he owned the place in his gown and mortar board just this morning!” Lots of my clients consider taking an MBA as a career-enhancing step. What is the value of an MBA? I remember enjoying Jonas […]

The purpose of education is to replace an empty mind with an open one(Malcolm Forbes) I’m not one of those people who needs to know every detail of how something works before I can be happy. I’m not remotely interested in the ones and zeros that make my computers function, nor do I have a […]

What is it about the written word? What makes it so powerful? Moses did not come back down from Mount Sinai having had a five-minute chat with the Supreme Being. No. Apparently, he spent a couple of days up there while the Almighty himself wrote the commandments down on two tablets of stone. Presumably, the […]