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I have long maintained that we are cavemen/women distinguishable from our forebears only by the fact that we wear a better class of animal skins. It would appear I am not alone in this belief. RSS Readers may need to click through to the post

“And you’re definitely definite about that; like, for definite?” D-E-F-I-N-I-T-E-L-Y Not definately. Not definatly. Not definently. Not definantly. Not definetly. And you could try defiantly, but I wouldn’t recommend it. There’s only one way to spell that word and it is is d-e-f-i-n-i-t-e-l-y. Up with this I will not put! Vizzini: “He didn’t fall? In-con-ceiv-able!” […]

Come near, come far, the HR Carnival has rolled back into lil ol’ Dublin here in the Emerald Isle. And what a show we have for you this time around! As ever, I am delighted by the breadth and depth of thinking that the HR Carny contributors come up with every fortnight. Pour yourself a […]

I got an email from a nice man called Randy in Perrigo’s PR firm (remember Perrigo? They’re the guys with the dancing scientists): RSS Readers may need to click through to the post Anyhoo, apparently they’re still at it at Perrigo. I usually bin these emails after the first generic, badly-written paragraph [“Dear space space […]

A good chat with Mr Tubridy on RTE Radio, talking about where to find a job to apply for – because recruitment advertisements seem to be elusive little beasts these days. You can find the entire programme here or just listen to the job-hunt piece (about 9 minutes) below: RSS Readers may need to click […]

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I don’t know who coined that old saw but nowadays, it is truer than ever. Two consistent worries that clients present us with: “It’s a tight market and there are no jobs to apply to.”  “How should I divide my time on the job-hunt to keep all the plates spinning?” Here are some thoughts based […]

Interesting to see two very cruel thoughts on this both from the same source. The first is a comment on “the most inappropriate thing you ever said out loud” post on Scott Adams’ blog: We recently had a company meeting where it was announced that an employee had been let go. He had a really […]

I suspect that provision of childcare facilities within workplaces is going to be a growth area for the next few years. Whether both partners want to have fulfilling careers or not, dual income families are going to be an economic necessity for the majority of families in perpetuity, so any employer who can offer the […]

At some point in the interview process, someone inevitably smiles at you and says,  “I am sure you must have some questions for us?” Most candidates hate this part of the interview, regard it as being very difficult to do at the end of a tiring, stressful process and trot out one or two trite […]