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Last weekend, I kicked back and read two books cover to cover. It was a bank holiday weekend and I was going to be taking some time off this week anyway, but She-Who-Must-Be-Obeyed didn’t seem to be too impressed that I was chilling out to the level that I was. When I go home tonight, […]

From the Irish Independent: THE CURSE OF MASCULINITY Masculinity is an ‘illness’ that can lead to isolation, loneliness and fear. Simply put, men wrongly always pursue short-term gains ahead of long-term interests. By Ailin Quinlan Photo credit: The wonderful Sandra Leidholdt A president begins an illicit affair with an intern at the White House. He […]

I took part in a live Q&A on the Guardian’s career site in the UK his week addressing readers’ problems with CVs and cover letters. There’s some really smart advice there from some really smart people, I highly recommend a look-see. My summary thoughts on the too-many-CVs-in-the-pile problem: It has become clear to me that […]

IT looks like Verizon are dodging a bullet caused by a typo in their pension plan that could have cost them $1,670,000,000 – and no, that figure is not a typo. Full story here. Meanwhile, The Telegraph publishes’s list of the most commonly mis-spelt words in the UK. The top 10 are: Separate Definitely […]

Loose / Lose  It would appear that there is a gargantuan, international conspiracy afoot, a conspiracy pursuing, with ruthless efficiency, the goal of causing a major blood vessel in my head to EXPLODE! Some examples of my latest bugbear, randomly grabbed from Twitter [emphasis mine]: jobrosupdates_n Joe admitted he was the first of his 3 […]

I was blown away by a remark from a near-11 year-old yesterday. She was talking about a good friend of hers – a lovely, well-mannered, but very quiet child. “She’s not like her mum or dad at all, they are a bit hippie if you know what I mean. I guess they really think outside […]

From The Sunday Business Post: GIVE YOURSELF AN EDGE When looking for a job, there are many ways to ensure you are better prepared than the next person, writes Rowan Manahan The recession has brought about two principal areas of difficulty for people in the market for a job. First, there are those for whom […]

Great talk here from Dan Pink with an interesting (although I did find it a bit distracting after a while) presentation style behind it. RSS readers may need to click through to the post Dr. Dan Ariely picked up on the same research for his book The Upside of Irrationality and added this lovely zinger […]

There’s updating an idea and then there’s pure genius: RSS Readers may need to click through to the post H/T: @carolmahoney

I read a CV last week that had 17 spelling errors over the course of 4 pages. Most of them were underlined errors in MS Word – by which I mean that the software realised that they were mistakes and highlighted them to me by underlining them. The remainder were transposition errors – “form” instead […]