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My client – female, mid-40s, stellar CV in PR and Communications – walked in the door for an interview with the CEO of a well-known plc. She was ushered in by the CEO’s PA; he was sitting behind his desk, writing on a Post-it note and, without eye contact, waved her to a chair in […]

You could be forgiven for thinking that Conan O’Brien is a pretty unlikely source of advice on career management – until you watch this. If you want to jump to the Big Fat Hairy Point bit, it’s about 17 minutes in, but I found the BFHP piece all the more excellent because it’s such a […]

From the Sunday Times: TOUGH TIMES ARE A BOON FOR BULLIES The pressures of the recession are contributing to a rise in workplace harassment – by Gabrielle Monaghan Nelson Muntz – funny in The Simpsons, awful in real life. In the recession-hit workplace – where managers are under pressure to cut costs and staff are […]

At a recent job-hunting seminar, I asked the audience if they had ever mastered anything. 100 people in the room. No raised hands. “Nothing? No-one?” I asked. I then went on to admit that, gigantic nerd as I am, I had mastered the Rubik Cube in the early 1980s and that back then, I could […]

Don’t go over your time. Ever. Except, maybe, if they give you a standing ovation and refuse to leave the theatre, chanting “More more more!” But in a business environment? A meeting? A presentation? No. If you’re the senior person in the room, you are being an asshole and setting a bad example for your […]

An enjoyable back and forth on the CV Clinic at Guardian Careers last week. Here is the final comment I made that day, having read oodles of queries from job-seekers who probably had average-or-better CVs, but who weren’t getting any interviews. I find it interesting to note that many of the queries here are about […]

I had forgotten this amazing piece from Joseph O’Connor on the topic of being inordinately fond of the word “like” RSS readers may need to click through to the post Big hat-tip to Matto for reminding me of this one – it really, like, brightened up, like, my day? Ya know?

I have noticed a problem when interviewing entry-level candidates in the recent past. These are well-educated, beautifully-presented candidates, with good CVs; but they have a problem.  The problem is they sound like morons.  Why? Because they pepper their speech with qualifiers and irritators and because they don’t seem to be capable of uttering simple, emphatic, […]

Hmmm – apparently, I’m a “Brilliant interview guru” now. How shiny is that!? Well that’s what the nice folks on Guardian Careers seem to think. [Thank you Kerry] Great fun chatting through the ins and outs of the sweaty-palms experience of the modern job interview. I hope you find a thought or two that may […]

My number one piece of advice to candidates for job interviews is to drop the mask and be themselves. Everything after that is tactical. If you are not sufficiently confident to speak your mind and talk at a meaningful level about your approach in the workplace, then you probably aren’t going to get hired anyway; […]