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“Networking is my mantra!” (Tom Peters) More nice chats with the lovely folks on Q102. This time our subject is networking – online, offline, for shy people, for outgoing people. Here’s part 1, where we get into the whole idea: RSS readers may need to click through to the post And part 2, talking more […]

Another quick one on Newstalk 106, this time on the topic of keeping your online presence clean on the social networking sites. The web has a long, long memory … RSS readers may need to click through to the post I contributed to a fun piece on this in the Irish Independent a while back […]

From the Irish Independent: HOW TOP PEOPLE NETWORK THEIR WAY TO SUCCESS(… and the latest is to make the net work for them) When it comes to getting ahead in the workplace, networking is the name of the game – and increasingly it is taking place on the internet. Kim Bielenberg reports on the world […]

Kirsten and William over at Career Distinction have an interesting widget on their site, allowing you to crudely assess how the name recognition for Brand You is doing out there on the interwebs. If you’re out there hunting for that perfect job, or if you’re a blogger looking to build an online profile, this is […]

“Networking is my mantra!” (Tom Peters) Hmm. Seems I was wrong. Enough people mailed me after my little thought on Linkedin the other day saying, “Robo, I don’t know what the hell you’re talking about,” that I thought maybe I should write a little on the topic. Manahan’s theory of networking in a nutshell: HUMAN […]

Interesting conversation with a colleague this morning. He was fiddling with his Linkedin profile last night and inadvertently changed an employer name from back in the 1980s – it was an Apple distributor – to ‘Apple.’ Suddenly, Linkedin helpfully tried to put him in touch with his old colleagues from Apple. It provided him with […]

In the Web 1.0 world, privacy concerns loomed large and most people hid behind pseudonyms. With the advent of Web 2.0, for many people, that seems to have been turned on its head. If you are selling something, anything, you want to be visible on the interwebs. And if the thing you are selling is […]

Beautiful people get hit on all the time. After a while, the language must get very familiar – “You’re so beautiful … You’re so handsome … You have great hair … Wow! Those eyes of yours! … I love your style …” The same holds true for beautiful employers. I bet that if you conducted […]

The lesser-spotted executive with its head in the sand … Why do people fail to take action when they see threatening signs in the workplace? One word answer: DENIAL. Denial is one of the key human coping mechanisms; we all go around eating things that are bad for us, smoking, drinking too much or whatever […]