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RDS, Serpentine Hall June 10th 2015, 12:30-13:30 We all hear that networking is vital for job-hunts (and also for managing your long term career). Rowan will break down the process into clear and simple tactics, that you can take action on straight away – straightforward approaches that will make the difference for your hunt in these ‘interesting’ times. […]

I’ll be doing a free public talk in the ILAC Centre Library – courtesy of Dublin City Libraries. The greatest frustration that we’re hearing day after day from job-hunters is the lament,”There aren’t any jobs out there.” There are. Lots of them. 1.8 million people are working for a living here in Ireland according to […]

From The Sunday Business Post: GIVE YOURSELF AN EDGE When looking for a job, there are many ways to ensure you are better prepared than the next person, writes Rowan Manahan The recession has brought about two principal areas of difficulty for people in the market for a job. First, there are those for whom […]

Networking for career-management and job-hunting purposes is no longer a necessary evil, nor the province of Public School or Ivy League alumni – it has become a basic survival skill. Why? Employers, particularly in the small to medium-sized enterprise sector, are circumventing expensive advertising efforts and even more expensive recruitment agencies where they can and […]

From the Irish Times: JOBSEEKERS’ WORK CUT OUT Workers who have been laid off must take matters into their own hands if they want to find a new job, writes ROWAN MANAHAN It is tempting when you see another economist on television, telling us how awful this recession is going to be, to pull the […]

As you might expect, I read a lot of HR, World-of-Work and Career-related material. The content of that material hasn’t changed much in the past months, but I have noticed a certain, “See? I told you!” tonality creeping into the writing of many of my favourite journalists and bloggers. And they are right. Anyone who […]

Is it a recession or just a tight market? Either way, the job-hunt has just become trickier yet again. The fine people on our national broadcaster who bring you The Tubridy Show are feeling your pain and have invited me to come on air and talk through the nuts and bolts of job-hunting in 2008. […]

Reruns from the Dusty Archives No.1: I thought that this one was particularly topical, given these turbulent times. The lesser-spotted executive with its head in the sand … Why do people fail to take action when they see threatening signs in the workplace? One word answer: DENIAL. Denial is one of the key human coping […]

Have you ever heard of a happy hermit? Do other crabs make fun of the solitary nature of the much-maligned Coenobita compressus? [warbles appallingly off-key]: “But ya gotta have frieeee …. heeeh … heeeh … ends!” The Chief Happiness Officer himself, Alexander Kjerulf, joined me again on Q102 for a lively discussion on how important […]

For all happiness junkies out there, the Chief Happiness Officer himself, Alexander Kjerulf, will be joining me on air tomorrow at about 18.05 GMT on Q102 for a discussion on how important your network is for your ongoing health, happiness and sanity. It should be a real blast. You can listen live here, or I’ll […]