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What is it about the written word? What makes it so powerful? Moses did not come back down from Mount Sinai having had a five-minute chat with the Supreme Being. No. Apparently, he spent a couple of days up there while the Almighty himself wrote the commandments down on two tablets of stone. Presumably, the […]

Victorian postbox, Glasthule, Co. Dublin, Ireland My grandmother was born when Queen Victoria was on the throne in England and postboxes in Ireland were still painted red.When I was a child, she had one piece of advice that used to drive me crazy. “There there darling,” she would coo. “In a hundred years, it won’t […]

Google Reader has made my online life so much more pleasant and efficient. I subscribe to about 160 feeds, which drop circa 9,500 items into my lap every month. So now, I type no URLs and I never have to wait for a bookmarked site or blog to download only to discover it hasn’t been […]

Gary Trudeau has a lovely offhand diss for all the armchair generals out there today. In my experience, the same allusion holds true for so many jargon-spewing, reality-challenged, senior managers. Top Sarge’s take on this is interesting too – an extract from his PowerPoint Creed: This is my PowerPoint. There are many like it but […]

Whenever I’m addressing an audience on the subject of careers and future planning, I ask the participants to list the things and people who have influenced them in their lives. It can be interesting to build a list and look at the themes that emerge – why do you admire these people, what did they […]

I make honey like no-one else. I’m unique! No, I am! Look at meeee! Some time back, I was seated beside the CEO of a major healthcare company at the dinner for an event at which I was speaking. He was a very interesting, charismatic and widely knowledgeable guy. And yes, before you ask, he […]

It is all too easy to find yourself slipping into a well-worn pattern – a phrase slips just a little too easily off your tongue, a reassurance is offered rather than taking a bit of time to delve into the heart of the problem, we talk in glowing terms about a product that, hand on […]

I was talking to a client from the OECD and he told me that the vast majority (more than 80%) of large IT infrastructure projects fail. “Fail?”“Yes, fail. What would you say are the measures of success for a big IT project Rowan?”“Let’s see – any project needs to be delivered within budget and on […]

Much furore in the blogosphere over Big Ron’s intention to get the term McJob amended or removed from the OED. Given that Mickey D’s have been advertising quite heavily in a campaign designed to point out the benefits of a ‘career’ with the scary red-headed clown, it is hardly surprising that some commentators see the […]

The Universe is described by the Bell Curve. The Universe is ruled by the Bell Curve. Seth’s thinking on this is as beautifully articulated as ever …