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In Tom Peters’ 2003 book Re-Imagine, he relates the tale of the Chief of Cardiology at the University of Lund in Norway going head-to-head against a piece of software trying to spot myocardial infarctions [heart attacks to you and me]. The Chief of Cardiology and his team did very well, but the computer kicked their […]


A propos of fathers who have passed on (and thanks to everyone who mailed me following yesterday’s post), I saw an episode of Grey’s Anatomy [just channel-hopping I assure you] a little while back that had a moment which gave me pause for thought. The Dead Dad’s Club. Who would want to be a member […]

I have written before about the power of simple courtesies. But it’s just so gosh-darned important. A little story to illustrate. My father was an architect who worked for the Irish Government. I went to his office to get a lift home one afternoon when I was about 13 or 14. As instructed, I went […]

I posted to this blog a meagre/respectable [delete as appropriate] 250 times in 2007. I met some wonderful new people and exchanged ideas, war stories and comments with a great many more. I began the blog in November 2005 as a dumping ground for ideas for my second book but it has become much more […]

Well that explains a lot … (Click to enlarge and note the date)

From the Irish Independent: MAKE MINE A CAPPUCCINO Maeve Haran tells Sue Leonard how the small things in life, like licking the froth off your favourite coffee, can make a world full of bad news seem a little better.. Life today can seem full of gloom. The papers are so full of accidents; of murder, […]

I got an email from a reader following yesterday’s piece on Impostors and Bullying enquiring as to just how many impostors I have encountered in my working life. I’m not sure how statistically valid the encounters of one ranting blogger in his working life are. Well that’s not strictly true – I can state with […]

I always loved Chiun, the wonderfully unreasonable Master of Sinanju from The Destroyer pulp novels by Richard Sapir and Warren Murphy [I suspect because he reminded me of my wonderful friend Cheng, my first Chinese martial arts teacher]. I found one of these little treasures on my favourite second-hand bookstall a while back and came […]

A truly arresting video. Spend the four minutes. And then do something. RSS readers may need to click through to the post.

Yesssss! Stephen is a major hero of mine. His cutting edge humour in the 80s [during which time by his own admission, he basically punched Hugh Laurie a lot], his wonderful novels and his unapologetically intelligent and courageous television programmes have all been a source of delight for me. In the same way as I […]