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We’ve all seen the classical attention-over-time graph demonstrating the importance of Primacy (what you say first) and Recency (what you say last) in any lecture, speech or presentation. The opening moment is when you have the greatest chance to catch and hold people’s attention – even if you are talking to a group of people who […]

antarctic warning signs

  Some years back, Seth Godin invited readers to submit their quitting stories to his Dip Blog. Here’s mine (and boy, do I appear to be in good company!):   I came out of college in the mid-80s and drifted into advertising because I enjoyed messing around with words and people’s heads. Got headhunted to a […]

I’ll be doing a 1-hour talk entitled: It doesn’t have to feel like the Spanish Inquisition – Surviving the modern selection interview at the Career Zoo in Dublin. Spaces will be limited, so get there early to avoid disappointment. See you there! PS: I’ll also be hosting a seminar on how to access opportunities in […]

I have noticed a problem when interviewing entry-level candidates in the recent past. These are well-educated, beautifully-presented candidates, with good CVs; but they have a problem.  The problem is they sound like morons.  Why? Because they pepper their speech with qualifiers and irritators and because they don’t seem to be capable of uttering simple, emphatic, […]

[I simply refuse to write or say the word “caveperson” – it’s a stupid word. If that offends you, you might want to stop reading now.] We are all cavemen. Oh all right – and women. Semantics aside, the point is that we are cavemen who wear a slightly better class of animal skins than […]

“You know the Greeks didn’t write obituaries. They only asked one question after a man died, ‘Did he have passion?’” (Jeremy Piven, in the film Serendipity) What a great question. I don’t care if it’s true or not – it should be. On another note: “All publicity is good publicity, except an obituary notice”(Brendan Behan)

Someone needs to take me aside and explain Facebook to me. I meet enthusiastic users of Facebook all the time who wax lyrical in their description of how connected they feel to their extended circles of online friends but … nope, don’t get it. Now Skype I get. On a Skype call I can hear […]

On the one hand, it’s been a predictable night, with the pollsters pretty much on the money, but it was still an exciting night for all that. I took most of my coverage from the BBC with a very reasoned David Frum and a very cranky John Bolton, amongst others, being moderated by the ever-excellent […]

When I give talks about career management, I intermittently stick up slides of the epitaphs of luminaries from the past. The quote above comes from the front page obituary in Washington Evening Star on the 25th of January 1965: “Churchill is dead, gone from the world he saved. And the world he saved, distracted still […]

Job fairs = lots of tyre-kickers. True or false? With Generation Y and beyond now living out significant parts of their lives online, job fairs migrating online are a natural progression in the HR and Recruiter’s toolkit. You have to be where your target market are and your presence in that environment has to be […]