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The Ireland Graduate Careers Survey 2009 has been published and has generated quite a bit of press interest, given the prevailing economic conditions. I had some fun with a somewhat laryngeal Mr Hook on Newstalk radio on this topic, examining whether the fresh crop of graduates have the ‘right stuff’ or if they are a […]

A disturbing problem here – you return to work after a short period of illness, hand over your doctor’s note to HR and, some time later that day, your boss calls you into her office and asks you to provide information about your illness. Your doctor has written “I hereby certify that Your Name is […]

From the Irish Times: JOBSEEKERS’ WORK CUT OUT Workers who have been laid off must take matters into their own hands if they want to find a new job, writes ROWAN MANAHAN It is tempting when you see another economist on television, telling us how awful this recession is going to be, to pull the […]

From the Sunday Times: CAN I TAKE A PAY CUT, PLEASE, BOSS? Irish workers are increasingly ready to save their jobs through lower salaries, says Gabrielle Monaghan. The now-common refrain, “You’re lucky to have a job” is some comfort to those fortunate enough to escape redundancy. But it’s not all plain sailing for professionals who […]

A bunch of listener questions flowing in to our friends at Q102. A good back and forth with the inimitable Mr Williams [welcome back!] on these delightful topics: 1. What about taking a needs-must step back or sideways following a downsizing?2. “I have to pay for myself at the Xmas party – what can I […]

Whether you think faking an illness to get a day or two off work is a good idea or not, I think we can all agree that producing forged note from your doctor in order to justify those days off is firmly in the realm of a bad idea. But that’s just what the website […]

I really enjoyed an article from a former call centre wage slave in the Irish Independent and I was invited to join him on Today FM to discuss his thoughts on being an interchangeable cog in the machine … RSS Readers may need to click through to the post Call centre … Data entry … […]

I suppose the reason this topic keeps coming up is that we are all so deluged with email these days. I had a pleasant natter with Mr Williams of Q102 about the drifting standards on this. RSS Readers may need to click through to the post Seth Godin had one of his wondrous checklists on […]

From the Evening Herald: LITTLE EMPERORSBy Sue Leonard From the moment our children are born, we feel an overwhelming desire to protect them. We don’t want anything, or anyone to impinge on their perfect world. We want, especially, to build their self esteem. So we praise them. And society concurs. Children are forever getting stars […]

From the Irish Independent: