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The Boomerang Life – moving back in with your parents. “You can’t have someone back for noisy and enthusiastic sex if your mum is in the next room,” said Manahan. Full article is here.

WHEN A PICTURE PAINTS A THOUSAND WORDS John Meagher says there is more to political snap-shots than first meets the eye. On the face of it, it’s a moment of levity amid the sobering meetings on the future of the euro. French President Nicolas Sarkozy playfully ruffles the back of Enda Kenny’s hair. The Taoiseach is […]

Hmmm – apparently, I’m a “Brilliant interview guru” now. How shiny is that!? Well that’s what the nice folks on Guardian Careers seem to think. [Thank you Kerry] Great fun chatting through the ins and outs of the sweaty-palms experience of the modern job interview. I hope you find a thought or two that may […]

From The Sunday Business Post: GIVE YOURSELF AN EDGE When looking for a job, there are many ways to ensure you are better prepared than the next person, writes Rowan Manahan The recession has brought about two principal areas of difficulty for people in the market for a job. First, there are those for whom […]

Click to enlarge I just got word that we’ve been nominated for a National Radio Award here in Ireland for the Seminar we ran back in the Spring with Q102. A huge thanks to Scott and the team on the QT Phone-in Programme – especially Venetia, who grabbed the idea and ran with it, putting […]

More cheerful discussion on surviving in recessionary times. Imagine this – the management team have locked themselves away in the bunker boardroom to discuss cost savings, including the inevitable headcount reduction, following five consecutive loss-making months. Here’s the key question: what is going to make your boss fight to the death to keep you? Can […]

To suck up or not? What is sucking up? Where is the line between good corporate citizen and unashamed ass-kisser? I had some fun with Tom Dunne [who is forced to share a bed with George the tiger teddy cat] on Newstalk radio on this topic, poring over this subject in our usual high-brow, academically […]

From the Sunday Times: APPRENTICE’S CV FIBS ARE COMMON IN IRELAND Recruiter says more than half of all job-seekers embellish skills and fill out career gaps. By Gabrielle Monaghan Tighe was caught out when grilled on her employment history by Sugar’s team. Lorraine Tighe, the Westmeath-raised mother-of-two who missed out on tonight’s final of The […]

From listening to news reports, it would appear that there are hordes of hooded executioners, wandering the corridors of major corporates the world over, wielding very sharp axes – I’m getting Wes Craven-inspired images in my head as I write this. Is there any way to ensure that the hooded man [or woman – who […]

From the Sunday Times: STAR PERFORMERS CAN STILL CLINCH A PAY RISE If you don’t ask you won’t receive, but research and rehearse before going to the boss, writes Gabrielle Monaghan. A gratuitous close-up of Cheryl Cole’s pay rise – 34.1% Phwoar! WITH firms shedding jobs, imposing three-day weeks and salary cuts, seeking a pay […]