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5 KEY QUESTIONS WHEN PLANNING YOUR PRESENTATION In part 2 of my Presentation Masterclass, I discuss the five key questions you should be asking yourself if you want your presentation to be compelling, memorable, effective and/or affective. Having sat through as many dire presentations as I have, I can only conclude that most presentation planning […]

I’ve just posted the first in a series of what I’m modestly entitling the Presentation Masterclass on Lifehack. “I have been observing, delivering and training people in presentation techniques for over 20 years now and my considered, professional, opinion on the subject is this: MOST PRESENTATIONS SUUUUUUUUCK! Why? Seriously. Why? How hard could this be? […]

Guy Kawasaki visited Ireland to deliver his Art Of The Start talk at the Irish Software Association’s annual conference last week. His ‘Irished-up’ version of the talk was warmly received by a packed house – you can see his thoughts on the art and science of Guinness here. Despite his busy work and tourist schedule […]

New piece on by yours truly. I hope you enjoy. The great writer and thinker, Christopher Morley, famously wrote: There are three ingredients to the good life – learning, earning and yearning. Click to continue to the full article

I am now a contributor on, the blog that gives you “daily digest and pointers on productivity, getting things done and lifehacks.” Hosted by the excellent Leon Ho, Lifehack features some of my favourite thinkers as regular contributors, including Dustin Wax, Scott H Young, Craig Childs and Chris Brogan. My first post – on […]