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I’ll be doing a 1-hour talk entitled: It doesn’t have to feel like the Spanish Inquisition – Surviving the modern selection interview at the Career Zoo in Dublin. Spaces will be limited, so get there early to avoid disappointment. See you there! PS: I’ll also be hosting a seminar on how to access opportunities in […]


The Trinity Foundation are organising this one-day event comprising lectures and workshops. I’ll be kicking things off with a talk about how to elevate your CV from the middle-of-the-road norm to something that stands a much better chance of getting you shortlisted. In the afternoon, I’ll be hosting one of two workshops – we’ll focus […]

My client – female, mid-40s, stellar CV in PR and Communications – walked in the door for an interview with the CEO of a well-known plc. She was ushered in by the CEO’s PA; he was sitting behind his desk, writing on a Post-it note and, without eye contact, waved her to a chair in […]

Hmmm – apparently, I’m a “Brilliant interview guru” now. How shiny is that!? Well that’s what the nice folks on Guardian Careers seem to think. [Thank you Kerry] Great fun chatting through the ins and outs of the sweaty-palms experience of the modern job interview. I hope you find a thought or two that may […]

My number one piece of advice to candidates for job interviews is to drop the mask and be themselves. Everything after that is tactical. If you are not sufficiently confident to speak your mind and talk at a meaningful level about your approach in the workplace, then you probably aren’t going to get hired anyway; […]

I have long maintained that we are cavemen/women distinguishable from our forebears only by the fact that we wear a better class of animal skins. It would appear I am not alone in this belief. RSS Readers may need to click through to the post

At some point in the interview process, someone inevitably smiles at you and says,  “I am sure you must have some questions for us?” Most candidates hate this part of the interview, regard it as being very difficult to do at the end of a tiring, stressful process and trot out one or two trite […]

Are you ready to do a job interview? Right now? Most people answer, “No” to that question, citing the need to conduct research into the organisation and its surrounding sector before being ready to go in and really sell themselves. Fair enough. But what would happen if the CEO of a whizz-bang company you’d love […]

I find that for most interviews or pitches, you can never really tell why you lost out. The competition is always very close, the qualifications and competence of the candidates are virtually indistinguishable; it usually comes down to intangibles and so it can be very difficult to learn from a failure or correct a mistake […]

There has been much talk in the blogosphere about the rocket scientist who tweeted: Cisco just offered me a job! Now I have to weigh the utility of a fatty paycheck against the daily commute to San Jose and hating the work to the whole world and was spotted by a Cisco Channel Manager. Or […]