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I opened my Blogger dashboard on Sunday night to be confronted with a rather ugly message from those nice folks at Google inquiring as to whether I was a real person because my blog had been flagged as a possible spam blog by their fiendishly clever little bots. So, apologies for the silence for the […]

Chris Brogan on just exactly how much it pays to be polite.

I’ve been nominated again for the Best Blog of a Business in the Irish Blog Awards. Many thanks for the nomination, to Mr Mulley for herding this enormous bag of cats together, and to for sponsoring the Business category. The other worthy nominees are: Keith Bohanna | IIA Blog | Puddle Ducks | Icecream […]

I was a bit tired this weekend, so when I got a notification from Feedburner telling me to move my feeds over to Google, I just pushed the relevant buttons without giving it much thought. Hmmmmmm. My subscriber stats seemed to have gone all higgledy piggledy since, so if you’re seeing this post in your […]

This is my 500th posting here at the Oasis. I joined Blogger in November 2005 and tiddled away with the odd post through 2006 before starting to really get into the conversation at the end of that year. I’ve been trying for 5 posts a week on average since then and with my 500th, curiosity […]

I’m off for some R&R with my family for the next few weeks and we’ve been warned that mobile phone reception is patchy at best in the remote part of Italy that we are visiting; so I have no idea what the internet access situation is going to be like. Accordingly, posting will be spotty […]