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I’m an SOB! (Well I’ve always thought so anyway) Liz who-is-so-productive-she-has-obviously-cloned-herself-at-least-twice Strauss made me an SOB – and I didn’t notice! Thanks a bunch Technorati. There I am, in May of this year no less, but did “the recognized authority on what’s happening on the World Live Web, right now” notice the link from one […]

You may notice that there’s something different about me today. A Blog Awards ceremony … A moment on a couch … A cup of tea (me) a gin and tonic (she) … And I gleefully succumbed to her wry charms … And I got a badge! If your day could benefit from beautiful, thoughtful prose; […]

I was having a look at my trend stats on Google Reader over the weekend and I noticed that out of the 220 or so feeds to which I am subscribed [while resolutely maintaining that I am not a geek], I tend to star and share the same ones over and over again. I would […]

Have you ever heard of a happy hermit? Do other crabs make fun of the solitary nature of the much-maligned Coenobita compressus? [warbles appallingly off-key]: “But ya gotta have frieeee …. heeeh … heeeh … ends!” The Chief Happiness Officer himself, Alexander Kjerulf, joined me again on Q102 for a lively discussion on how important […]

For all happiness junkies out there, the Chief Happiness Officer himself, Alexander Kjerulf, will be joining me on air tomorrow at about 18.05 GMT on Q102 for a discussion on how important your network is for your ongoing health, happiness and sanity. It should be a real blast. You can listen live here, or I’ll […]

I had the pleasure of introducing the irrepressible Alexander Kjerulf to the Irish masses yesterday when we did a joint interview on Dublin’s Q102 on the subject of happiness at work. Click on Alex’s head to hear the piece. [RSS readers may need to click through to hear the interview] So, let me get this […]