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From the Sunday Times: STAR PERFORMERS CAN STILL CLINCH A PAY RISE If you don’t ask you won’t receive, but research and rehearse before going to the boss, writes Gabrielle Monaghan. A gratuitous close-up of Cheryl Cole’s pay rise – 34.1% Phwoar! WITH firms shedding jobs, imposing three-day weeks and salary cuts, seeking a pay […]

“Please sir, having achieved my quarterly target within operational parameters, may I have some more?” Is it possible to get a pay rise in a recession? Short answer: “No.” Slightly longer answer: “There are still a large number of people who are gainfully employed in your sector. That means there are opportunities for advancement, both […]

Economics – a dismal science if ever there was one. I love this piece as it pops so much of the smug, one-liner, soundbited twaddle we’ve all been subjected to over these past months: RSS Readers may need to click through to the post When are we going to learn? There is no Wizard of […]

Wow! – story at the Financial Times. A $500k cap? I suppose the key question is would Naomi Campbell get out of bed for that kind of remuneration? If memory serves, the word “salary” derives from the Latin word for salt and that people used to get paid in salt, so valuable and rare a […]

This is an extract from Where’s My Oasis that was picked up by Lifehacker when it was posted on the interwebs. That original post seems to have moved now, so I’m sticking it up here again. NEGOTIATING REMUNERATION The motto of the Gucci family is: Quality is remembered long after the price is forgotten. In […]

It’s all doom and gloom in the Irish newspapers today about the inevitability of recession. Against that background, the ebullient Mr Tubridy from our national broadcaster asked me to come and chat about extracting a decent pay rise from your boss in this economic climate. As Deep Thought once said, “Hmmmmmm. Tricky …” RSS Readers […]

Wanda [not her real name] came to me with an interesting situation. She was highly qualified in the mathematical arena and, following a gap year, had taken an entry-level job with a financial services firm. Despite her extensive qualifications, the firm managed to low-ball her starting salary, stating that they felt she was overqualified for […]

I have been repeatedly asked for my opinion on what has been occurring in the markets over the past while. My short answer is that my opinion on what has been occurring in that sphere is unprintable. I have always tried to strike a somewhat mature and at least intermittently reasonable tone in my ramblings […]

Jessica Hagy is a goddess!

From Eddie Hobbs’ You & Your Money Magazine: HOW TO PITCH FOR A RAISE There was a time when marching confidently into the boss’s office with your list of demands stood a chance of getting you a pay rise. Today it needs a strategy, careful planning and perfect timing. Edel Coffey reports. We asked three […]