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I have long been of the opinion that the Supreme Being is female. Now I’m not so sure … Your last name stays the same no matter what happens in your life.The garage is all yours.Wedding plans take care of themselves.Chocolate is just another snack.You never have to worry about getting pregnant.Car mechanics tell you […]

Mr Williams, from Q102, usually such a nice fellow, peppering me with a series of truly hideous questions on the issues surrounding equality in the workplace: RSS readers may need to click through to the post Isn’t the world in which we live such a peachy place? As a father of daughters, this kind of […]

Yet another case study of stupid, thoughtless, unwanted and offensive behaviour by a male boss toward a female subordinate. And this time the rocket scientist boss conducted his harassment by 100% traceable text messages! Brief discussion on Newstalk 106 here: RSS readers may need to click through to the post Article on the specific case […]

Sometimes Justice takes a peek I had a very interesting communication from a client in the financial services sector recently. He was being headhunted by a bank and when it came to filling in the online application form, he encountered some … interesting … areas of questioning. At the top of the form, it stated […]

From the Daily Telegraph: BALDNESS NOT DISABILITY, ‘HARASSED’ TEACHER TOLD Baldness is not a disability, an employment tribunal has ruled, after a former teacher complained he was harassed by his pupils and called “baldy.” James Campbell, 61, said schoolchildren perceived his lack of hair as a sign of weakness and told the hearing that he […]

Scary topic which I approached with much trepidation on air today, not helped by the fact that I can barely breathe, so excuse the croaky voice: RSS readers may need to click through to the post I reckon there is only one solution. And no, I’m not kidding. Like I said, scary topic …

From the Sunday Times: FLEXIBLE MOTHERS CAN STILL SUSTAIN A CAREER Women with a family need not compromise their ambitions if they are happy to adapt their working time writes Gabrielle Monaghan Every week, thousands of working Irishwomen who embark on raising a family wonder how they can strike the ideal balance between forging a […]

I was asked to comment on a discussion on Today FM about the results of a UK survey on attitudes in the workplace to working mothers. It made, as ever, for depressing reading. Myself and the ever-excellent Sarah Carey bashed the topic back and forth for a while on air and, inevitably, I ended up […]

Kathy Foley has a nice piece in the Irish Examiner on the slimy nature of discrimination in today’s workplace. Extracts: LIBERATED WOMEN FAIL TO FIND FREEDOM With more options than ever; young Irish Women believe they can have it all. But unless society’s expectations change and unofficial discrimination is stamped out, they face the same […]

I think it was Bret Easton Ellis who coined the (ghastly) term ‘Hardbody’ referring to a young, fat-free, female workout fanatic. I can’t remember where I first came across the term ‘Body Nazi’ – but it perfectly describes the discrimination that goes on in the world of work on a daily basis. There was an […]