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I suspect that a patchy CV affects a high percentage of people. You know the sort of thing – obvious gaps cropping up here and there in your working history. A bad move followed by a major piece of bad luck followed by another move to an awful company, a lull in the market, and […]

Ask 100 people in a room, “Who here actually enjoys job-hunting?” and I suspect that not too many hands will be raised. Drill down on that for a moment – why does the prospect of going out there and landing a better job, in a better company, with better pay and conditions not appeal to […]

I launched the Definitive Job-Hunt meme [launch post is here] just a month ago and the response so far has been tremendous. We’re up to 31 posts and a google search of the meme finds over 650 references and cross-references to posts on the topic – all based on a growing list of quality contributions […]

It was a dark and stormy night … Actually, it was a really sunny day on the Adriatic coast, as I launched this meme [launch post is here] while I was away on my holidays. I’m delighted to see the response so far – thank you so much to all who have contributed, passed on […]

What is the one thing we all have to do at some point in our lives? Hunt for a job. I’m launching the start of a new Group Writing Project to create the Definitive Guide to Clearing Job-Hunt Hurdles. The concept is simple: Stick a post with your best job-hunting tip up on your blog. […]