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The Trinity Foundation are organising this one-day event comprising lectures and workshops. I’ll be kicking things off with a talk about how to elevate your CV from the middle-of-the-road norm to something that stands a much better chance of getting you shortlisted. In the afternoon, I’ll be hosting one of two workshops – we’ll focus […]

I contributed to a noisy, interactive live Q&A session on Guardian Careers today. Lots of people having problems with the written side of the job-hunt, some of those problems were familiar, some not so familiar. I summed up my thoughts on the session as follows: (1) Understand how CVs get read in your sector. In nearly […]

An enjoyable back and forth on the CV Clinic at Guardian Careers last week. Here is the final comment I made that day, having read oodles of queries from job-seekers who probably had average-or-better CVs, but who weren’t getting any interviews. I find it interesting to note that many of the queries here are about […]

I took part in a live Q&A on the Guardian’s career site in the UK his week addressing readers’ problems with CVs and cover letters. There’s some really smart advice there from some really smart people, I highly recommend a look-see. My summary thoughts on the too-many-CVs-in-the-pile problem: It has become clear to me that […]

Anyone? … Anyone? We got this into the main Fortify mail address over the weekend. At first, we thought it was a wind-up from a friend, but apparently this is a serious job application: Dear Sir or Madam, I’m sending my application to apply for any suitable position in your organization and believe that my […]

Reruns from the Dusty Archives No.7: This is one of those posts that people keep stumbling upon on this blog. I thought it pertinent to these wobbly and uncertain times. I suspect that a patchy CV affects a high percentage of people. You know the sort of thing – obvious gaps cropping up here and […]

Really excellent post from Paul Dervan over the weekend. Paul is the Brand & Marketing Campaigns Manager with o2 here in Ireland and he is not asking a lot – all he wants is a CV from a marketing professional that markets the person and looks and feels professional. To me, that does not sound […]

“Me and dog heard tell that there was some juice a job going around here.” By all accounts, 2009 is going to resemble something between another sequel to Mad Max and … the Apocalypse. If you find yourself job-hunting this year, whether on a voluntary or an involuntary basis; do yourself a favour and remember […]

We’ve all heard the anecdotes of your boss coming across your CV online, or the risks of applying to a blind advertisement. Recruiters are often coy about revealing whom they are acting for – especially early in the selection process. So who should you trust with your CV? An eye-opener on this from SC Magazine […]

We’ve all seen how cool Wordle is for all manner of summings-up, but I really liked this – courtesy of my esteemed colleague, Mr Reid: What do you think? Is there room for something a little left-field like this in your job-hunting strategy?