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Come near, come far, the HR Carnival has rolled back into lil ol’ Dublin here in the Emerald Isle. And what a show we have for you this time around! As ever, I am delighted by the breadth and depth of thinking that the HR Carny contributors come up with every fortnight. Pour yourself a […]

23 contributors to the Carny this time around. A varied and eclectic bunch with light, heavy and fully caffeinated posts abounding. Without further ado, enjoy folks … Kicking off then with Steve Boese’s corporate culture post over at his HR Technology blog. In the good old days of paper memos, the question would be, “I […]

I’m hosting the Carnival of HR here next week. Please submit your entries by close of business on Tuesday June the 9th, along with a short note about your thoughts/reasons for writing the post. I’m waxing my moustache even as I write …

Chris Young hosts the Carnival for this fortnight with a cornucopia of ideas, approaches and wake-up calls for your thinking on all matters human and resource-y. It’s over at The Rainmaker Group. I would recommend a large beverage and a comfortable chair, because there’s some really good stuff there – push the button Max!

The March hares abound over at the HR Capitalist for the Carnival of HR. Great thinkers pitted against one another by a crazed Mad Hatter umpire. Clickety-click

Wally Bock really gets into his role as the barker/host for the latest Carnival of HR: Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, flora and fauna! Step right up and enter the February 4, 2009 edition of the Carnival of Human Resources. Like all the travelling carnivals we have several sections of blog posts that will […]

Gautam Ghosh ably hosts the first Carnival of 2009 with a plethora of contributions from all over the world. Great stuff as always and well worth a visit. Make yourself a coffee, pull up a chair, and see what some of the brightest and best minds in HR are talking about as the year begins. […]

Lisa Rosendahl is moonlighting … as an elf. Apparently one of the things all the good girls and boys will be getting in their stocking this Christmas will be juicy advice from the best HR thinkers across the blogoverse. Get your early look-see at Santa’s list here.

Welcome one and welcome all to the Thanksgiving Dinner Carnival of HR. I trust you are all wearing loose, comfortable clothing and that you have arrived with your tummies rumbling, begging to be filled with all kinds of give-thanks goodness. And so, let the gluttony commence: CruditesFrom Frank Mulligan, a sobering reminder of how much […]

“Don’t ask me why, but I’m flashing on cranberries in your future”“Cranberries? Don’t be ridiculous Mavis, you know how red fruit give me gas!” From near and far, the posts for the Thanksgiving edition of the Carnival of Human Resources have been pouring in. Thanks to all who have taken the time thus far and […]