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A discussion with Bernie – one of the victims participants from the Q102 Workshop in February. Bernie was a long time in her most recent job and isn’t sure what to do next. So we’re going to start with, “I want it all and I want it now …” and see where we go from […]

I was talking to my friend and colleague Brian McIvor [about whom big news soon!] the other day and mentioned that I had been taking a client through a preliminary discussion on a career change and had doodled Porot’s Magic Boxes on a scrap of paper as I was explaining the process to her. “Small […]

Q: Can you give any tips on juggling voluntary work and a job that pays the bills? I’m a 27-year old languages graduate, but I really want to do further study and work in the ecology/conservation area. However, most universities will only accept students with a primary degree in a relevant subject or a mature […]

Colette Clail has a nice piece on touching on the subject of career change. I know Colette well and really like her approach to career change and fitting all the jigsaw pieces of your life together. Her key points: Get clear about what is making you unhappy. Identify some small changes that you can […]

Many years ago, I met an interesting fellow on a flight to the US; we were sitting across the aisle from each other up in the bubble of a 747 heading into Atlanta. At the time, I was working for a pharmaceutical company and he was working for a well-known brown fizzy drinks company. The […]