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Good fun this morning chatting on Newstalk FM about the dos and don’ts of the Office Xmas Party – for many people, a dreaded event. From what we hear anecdotally, only a small proportion of people truly enjoy the office night out. For many, it is a fear-inducing event that can be made easier only by […]

When people think of yes men, they tend to think of spineless lackeys who bow, scrape and bob their heads at anything their boss says. I came across a particularly chilling quote from Hermann Goering at the Nuremberg trials: “… alles was er um ihn hatte, waren ja Männer, alle keine Männer waren sechs Fuß […]

My client – female, mid-40s, stellar CV in PR and Communications – walked in the door for an interview with the CEO of a well-known plc. She was ushered in by the CEO’s PA; he was sitting behind his desk, writing on a Post-it note and, without eye contact, waved her to a chair in […]

From the Sunday Times: TOUGH TIMES ARE A BOON FOR BULLIES The pressures of the recession are contributing to a rise in workplace harassment – by Gabrielle Monaghan Nelson Muntz – funny in The Simpsons, awful in real life. In the recession-hit workplace – where managers are under pressure to cut costs and staff are […]

Don’t go over your time. Ever. Except, maybe, if they give you a standing ovation and refuse to leave the theatre, chanting “More more more!” But in a business environment? A meeting? A presentation? No. If you’re the senior person in the room, you are being an asshole and setting a bad example for your […]

Great talk here from Dan Pink with an interesting (although I did find it a bit distracting after a while) presentation style behind it. RSS readers may need to click through to the post Dr. Dan Ariely picked up on the same research for his book The Upside of Irrationality and added this lovely zinger […]

From the Sunday Times: BEWARE THE ACCIDENTAL MANAGER People are still being promoted beyond their abilities, 40 years after a book highlighted the problem, writes John Cradden It’s hard to view the Zune as anything other than a product of Pointy-Haired-Boss thinking. The timing is probably a coincidence, but it’s remarkable all the same. Just […]

A client from the healthcare sector gave me a case-in-point the other day that really resonated with me. A colleague of his had died of cancer some weeks back. Late 30s, with a family, spent her working years patient-facing in the hospital. Eleven years working in the organisation. Eleven. And not one member of the […]

I had an all-too familiar conversation with a newly-promoted manager recently. She had excelled in her role as a Logistics / Customer Service staffer and was literally grabbed from the ranks on the abrupt departure of her manager. She now has 16 staff reporting to her, no job description and no clear guidelines for the […]

Some time back, I wrote about the yawning chasm that exists between Managers’ and Executives’ perceptions of themselves and the somewhat less forgiving reality that statistical analysis most inconsiderately insists upon inflicting on them. That post generated a lot of comments and emails and much laughter whenever I present the points I made in it […]