Career Management

Manage your career before someone else does

In the course of your career, you will have to job-hunt a number of times. Have to. So you might as well get good at it, because in the 21st century, it’s going to be as important a skill as basic literacy.

There is no denying that the business of finding, getting and holding on to a job has become increasingly difficult. The concept of a ‘job-for-life’ (even if you wanted one!) is extinct. So what is the optimal approach now? Well, a good starting point is to accept the realities of the marketplace, generate an understanding of how that marketplace goes about hiring, and build your approach on those foundations. Simple as that.

You would be amazed how many people do not do this.

Ask anybody you know who has to conduct selection interviews as part of their job and they will tell you that professional, courteous, well-researched and prepared candidates are very rare animals. Interviewers have a tendency to lunge across the table and grab such people with both hands. Let’s see if we can help you become one of those candidates, shall we?

  • Career Management: All your eggs are in one basket, it’s called your career. Nurture it. Protect it. Plan it. (Start here with a free download on the fundamentals of career management.)
  • CV/Resume Strategy: Getting yourself across on paper, so you get yourself in front of a decision-maker
  • Interviews: Everything you’ve ever wanted to know about selling yourself effectively at a job interview, but were afraid to ask
  • Career Transition: Considering changing your career path can be one of the most daunting decisions you make in your life.
  • Psychometric Testing: Undertake the key tests in advance of the real thing, so neither the process nor the results will come as any surprise to you

There’s nothing like a happy client:

Rowan Manahan is a natural. I met him in person one day and the next day he trained me for a successful interview. Unexpectedly, the interview was a five-hour affair, including a two-hour mixed panel interview in two languages. Even in that exceptional situation, Manahan’s suggestions were easy to follow.

–April tash, unesco