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Rowan Manahan on career management and presentation skills.


The Trinity Foundation are organising this one-day event comprising lectures and workshops. I’ll be kicking things off with a talk about how to elevate your CV from the middle-of-the-road norm to something that stands a much better chance of getting you shortlisted. In the afternoon, I’ll be hosting one of two workshops – we’ll focus […]

Good fun this morning chatting on Newstalk FM about the dos and don’ts of the Office Xmas Party – for many people, a dreaded event. From what we hear anecdotally, only a small proportion of people truly enjoy the office night out. For many, it is a fear-inducing event that can be made easier only by […]

The Boomerang Life – moving back in with your parents. “You can’t have someone back for noisy and enthusiastic sex if your mum is in the next room,” said Manahan. Full article is here.

Private corporate event, December 11th 2012, Dublin. Lecture with demos followed by workshop on structuring and building the story.

Private corporate event, Dublin 22nd November 2012

Private corporate event 8th November 2012

National College of Ireland – private event November 1st 2012, 10:00-13:00

      Rathmines College – private event.

Private educational event, Dublin city.

Private lecture on Presentation & Public Speaking skills, Thursday 11th from 9:00 – 13:00