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Rowan Manahan on career management and presentation skills.

Pitching, persuading or peddling – call it what you will. With modern procurement processes, it has become a vitally important part of securing that major contract. And most of us, hand on heart, aren’t very good at it. Moving from poor to average is relatively easy, moving from average to great is not so easy, […]

Presentation skills seminar.

Lecture and workshop, Dublin.

RDS Simmonscourt October 8th 2014, 13:30-14:30 We all hear that networking is vital for job-hunts (and also for managing your long term career). Rowan will break down the process into clear and simple tactics, on which you can take action straight away – straightforward approaches that will make the difference for your hunt in these […]

Members-only event September 24th, 6-8pm Tower hotel Waterford Places limited

13 Speakers, diverse amazing ideas – all worth sharing. Unfortunately if  you haven’t got a ticket yet, the event sold out again this year, even before we announced any of the speakers (thank you for your faith and trust!) but do keep an eye out for the inevitable handful of last-minute tickets in the days […]

You’ve seen the problem a thousand times – a presenter who has obviously given some thought to their talk, and who has attempted to make it visual, but who is falling short because they are using too many small, lo-res images. How do you find the bigger image when you are time-starved? I’ve written before […]

I’m sure you’ve seen the vid from CES and it really it a cringius maximus moment. And yes, it does offer us a salutary example of the power of rehearsal and also of demonstrating professionalism in everything you do. But I think that misses the real point. Just in case you’ve been living under a […]

Jobs steve gates bill macworld 1997 pic Jim Bourg

I re-read the Jobs biography over the new year. This remark in particular struck a chord with me: “That was my worst and stupidest staging mistake of my life. It was bad because it made me look small, and Apple look small, and as if everything was in Bill’s hands.” Couple of things … 1. “Staging”? Yes. […]

Dublin Business Library, ILAC Centre, Dublin 2 27th March 2014