This is what I thought, and hoped, my holiday destination might look like this year. Ph-shaw! It looked like THIS:

The views of tiny medieval villages hanging off cliff-faces as far as the eye could see were simply breathtaking. The locals were delightful. The food was mind-blowing. The mobile phone coverage was patchy at best. The nearest internet point was 15km away down Grace-Kelly-plunging-to-her-death switchback roads. Truly, we found a spot where the net don’t shine. By the time the holiday was over, my shoulders were down somewhere around my elbow level and my rants about Italian driving etiquette had subsided to indulgent chuckling.

We booked for next year before we left.

1,850 emails in my various inboxes didn’t exactly make for a relaxed start back to the online world, but response to the Definitive Job-Hunt meme has been terrific and I have lots of thoughts that I look forward to sharing with you here in the coming weeks and months.

Yea verily, I am the Energizer Bunny!