The piece I commented for in the Sunday Times regarding irritating habits of co-workers stirred a faint memory and Grannymar’s subsequent comment brought it to the surface.
Remember Reebok’s wonderful viral campaign from a few years back? The CEO of a fictitious company decided to hire a particularly pugnacious American Football player called Terry Tate to help sort out productivity issues and office annoyances.

When advertising gets it oh-so right:

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You’ve got to admit – the idea of body-slamming the creep who empties the coffee pot and doesn’t refill it has a certain innate attractiveness ..

[This reminds me of an anecdote shared by an old friend the other day. Her mother, tired of the emotional and hormonal rollercoaster posed by four teenage girls living in the house, placed a huge bale of plastic-wrapped Moss Peat on the ground in the side passage to the garden.

Thus anyone who was in a fit of pique, hormonally inspired or otherwise, found themselves sent to the side passage where they all reported getting tremendous satisfaction out of kicking the Moss Peat to death. Whatever works for you!]