People can be so … stuck.

Whenever I’m giving a multi-day course to a group, I observe an interesting little phenomenon. No matter how long the interval is from the first session to the second, people almost always sit in the same chair as last time.

At a seminar recently, I stood up on day two and asked one person (he looked thick-skinned enough to take the jibe), “Did you pee on your chair before you left here yesterday?”

He was so astonished, I had to repeat the question three times, before he stammered out his response, “No!” (Obviously not as thick-skinned as I had thought).

“Well,” I said, “if you didn’t mark your territory in the traditional doggie way, why are you so hung up on sitting in the same spot? Why is EVERYONE here sitting in the same seat they were in yesterday?”

Thankfully, I got a laugh and they got the point and spontaneously started swapping places to get a different perspective with different neighbours to their right and left.

People are so … stuck