Well maybe not quite, but it’s pretty darn close on a topic by topic basis. Guy Kawasaki and his team have taken simple aggregation to a whole new level with Alltop. For those of you who still haven’t got their heads around RSS feeds and subscriptions and readers – which seems to be the vast majority of web users – then a site like Alltop is a godsend.

It allows the 80% of semi-Luddites out there (myself included) to easily get to and read the 20% 0.2% of the internet that they really want or need.

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Just look at the page that most of the people who read a blog like Fortify Your Oasis would find valuable – career.alltop.com. It has top posts from Penelope, Pamela, Jason, Evil, Kris and George. Plus big thoughts and thinkers from the WSJ, MSNBC’s career page, the Monster Blog, Careerxroads, Careerhub and many, many more.

Even if you are an inveterate user of RSS, this kind of “aggregation without aggravation” is going to be useful for you. I always have a tab open with Alltop humming away in the background now.

It’s good to browse …