It’s commencement season again. Katie Couric has been showing clips of commencement addresses all week on the CBS news. With my presentation skills hat on, I would note that of the clips Katie showed:
  • Most of the speeches were really badly delivered. 3X5 cards prevailed. I saw the tops of lots of speakers heads.
  • Tone of voice was unvarying – little or no enthusiasm was detectable from the majority of the speakers.
  • The people on the stage behind the podium all looked uniformly booooored. You’re on camera guys – buck up!
  • Oprah was good (2007), Jodie was great (2006), Katie was dire (2007) and the presidential candidates from both camps just made my teeth grind.

Some of this year’s crop, some good, some bland, some oh-so bad: Bill Gates at Harvard. Bloomberg at CSI. Helen Thomas at Indiana Tech – oooh! Clinton at Knox. Stan Sigman at WTAMU (he just gets worse and worse!) Mike Reiss at Ashley Hall. (don’t miss Mike)

On the advice front, Curt Rosengren did a collective writing effort on this topic last year and there is some excellent counsel in there.

This guy was hilarious, I particularly enjoyed his thoughts on bears …