Luke Leslie has just graduated from Film School here in Ireland and his graduate film, King of the Waves, has been accepted for screening at the Galway Film Festival. It’s a short about a retired World War 2 submarine commander, Bill King’s, participation in The Golden Globe in 1969 – a solo circumnavigation sailing race.

In the southern Indian Ocean, 700km from land, King’s boat was holed by a great white shark and Luke’s film explores the aftermath of that encounter. Here’s the trailer:

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Commander King’s poem, ‘The Wheeling Stars,’ really struck a chord with me, despite my avowed landlubber status. I reproduce it here from the production pack of the KOTW film, and Commander King’s book, The Wheeling Stars. Enjoy.
The breathless beauty of the wheeling stars.
The flaming glory of the northern lights.
The muted thunder in a doldrum cloud.
Piled up, evolving, undershot by sun.
Sailor give hail, these works are your bounty, and your grail.

Disclosure: Luke is my godson and I am bursting with pride at his achievement in conceiving of, and making, this stunning film. You can read more about Commander King’s extraordinary story starting here.