This is my 500th posting here at the Oasis. I joined Blogger in November 2005 and tiddled away with the odd post through 2006 before starting to really get into the conversation at the end of that year. I’ve been trying for 5 posts a week on average since then and with my 500th, curiosity got the better of me and I wanted to get a sense of what I write about here which, of course, required a pie chart [exploded and 3D for maximum incomprehensibility]:

Six reasonably even slices in my pie, it would seem. If you would like more one some topics, less on others or for me to address an aspect of the world of work that we haven’t yet touched on here at the Oasis, please do drop me a comment or an email. I’ve loved the experience of blogging thus far, made some great friends from near and afar and look forward to putting the kettle on and taking the conversation on late into the night – when the really meaty chats happen.

Thank you all for your kind attention and forebearance, normal ranting will resume momentarily.